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viernes, 1 de enero de 2010

Your Soul Song of 2010 IS READY ~ New Years Ceremony (READ TODAY)

Hi Sri,
Thanks so much for being part of this loving community, simply
by being part of this list you are increasing your vibration
and contributing that to the world. Know that I send everyone
Ho'oponopono prayers each night... like a permanent prayer
circle (I love you, thank you!). WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBERS! [If
you have problems with links in this email simply copy and
paste them into your browser.]

Happy new year to you.... this loving beautiful community
of like minds... together we are changing the world one
belief at a time and thanks for joining me to do just that.

Here is is your Soul Song of 2010 with the accompanying Body
Dia log session
. The Soul Song aligns you with the new year
from a deep vibrational perspective. The Body Dialog session
helps you to release the challenges from 2009 and to prepare
yourself for the New Year by creating the energetic blueprint
for 2010. Enjoy this F*R*E*E gift.

The protocol for listening is for 21 straight days. You can
listen to just the Soul Song on its own, or to the Song with
the Body Dialog session, or the the Soul Song with the
Ho'oponopono / Mary A. Hall's HeartThought version of the
Soul Song. Many have continued to listen the the Soul Song
through the year with great results.

Here is the link to download the three versions f-r-e-e

I thought I might also take this email to share with you some of
the proc esses I use to prepare for the new year...

Of course the first thing is to listen to your Soul Song of
2010 for 21 straight days you can download it here for fr*ee
Second is is technique - Setting Your Intentions for 2010:
Each year I suggest this process and have found it a miraculous
exercise for my own life. You start by asking yourself 4

1.    What do I want this year in my personal life
2.    What do I want this year for my financial life
3.    What do I want this year for my business life
4.    What do I want this year for my spiritual

Then you write your answers. I feel into my body to identify in
my heart what I am being drawn to create for the year. The MOST
IMPORTANT part is to write it as if it has already happened.
As an example / template, here is an excerpt of what I wrote for
the category of relationships for 2010:

"I am so grateful for the wonderful supportive friends that where
in my life in 2010. I am so honored by their presence and how we
\danced together to create new adventures, travels, opportunities
and more. Their presence in my life in 2010 allowed me to give
and receive from the deepest places in my heart. My interaction
with my wonderful friends gave me the most amazing insights about
how I can open and evolve my heart even more to forgiveness,
compassion and acceptance. THANK YOU"

You get the idea... write it as if it has already happened AND
makes sure you include how you "felt" when it happened. Do this
for each of the categories (there may be some overlap but the
categories are designed to allow for specifics in those four areas
of your life).

This is a POWERFUL exercise that almost acts as plan for the year
but flows through and creates a vibrational resonance with what
\you are desiring. You can do this over the next couple of days...
I promise you it will really make a lovely impact. Then print it
out post a couple of copies in places you will regularly
see them to remind you what you are creating.
Here is the New Years Ritual you can do tonight:
On a sheet of paper, write out all of the things from the
current year that you've outgrown, no longer want in your life,  
no longer work for you, and anything else you feel you want to
shed and leave behind.  On a separate piece of paper, write
all of the things you can think of and feel that you want to grow
and expand in the new year.  Then burn each paper in separate
dishes or shells, making sure all pieces are turned to ashes.  
Then, when cooled, put them into separate envelopes or
containers (film canister, Ziploc baggie, etc.) and mark "to
shed" and "to grow" on the container.   Around 5 minutes before
midnight, start visualizing all the things on the "to shed"
list, and see them slip away, see them blown away and washed
away, out of your energy field, out of your life and out of your
reality.  Then go outside and pour the "to shed" ashes into your
hand and let the wind scatter the ashes away and release them
and all they represent, as the old year fades away.
After midnight, after blessing the new year, with the second
container  "to grow",  visualize all of these goals, desires,
etc. coming to fruition, to this level of reality.  I bring that
envelope down to the garden, and with a stick dig a small hole,
then plant these ashes in the earth, near a tree or in a special
place, (for those in apartments, I encourage them to use their
favorite houseplant).  The ashes are a reminder of the life cycle,
the power of nature and the honoring of Mother Earth, that these
seeds of hopes and dreams are nurtured into reality, in the coming

This ceremony was offered by one of my subscribers Maureen Collins,
a wonderful artists and jeweler, for 2009 I did it last year with
tremendous success and wanted to share it again with you all for
2010.  You may want to try this and tweak it and do it a way that
suits you.

==> (F*R*E*E)

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You will be able to listen live for f-r-e-e the night of the
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So enjoy these new ways of preparing for the year and allow the
newness and good that is rushing toward you in.

Thanks again for hanging out with me in this unique and powerful
com munity. All the best to you and yours for a fulfilling
and amazing 2010!

Many blessings, light and laughter,

Jennifer McLean

Jennifer McLean

4533 MacArthur Blvd #245
Newport Beach, CA

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