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lunes, 22 de febrero de 2010

SOUND VIBRATION: Replay of my call AND John Beaulieu is TONIGHT! (F*R*E*E)

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What an amazing call!

I talked a lot about sound and how it affects us&h ellip; the good and
the “ugly”.

I also talked about how sound is direct; that it goes right to the
part of us that needs healing.  For example, when we hear
laughter, we know that is a sound of harmony, and when
we hear crying, then we know that is a sound of imbalance.

When we truly listen to the sounds that are
entering our streams of consciousness, we place
ourselves in "allowing", and we should use the places
in our lives where there’s TOO much sound because
our bodies are held together by sound.

We also played around with dissonance.  When we
come from a place of annoyance, it is then that
we are invited to play with that sound. Dissonance
reminds the cell of what it doesn’t want to be.

Of course, the beautiful flip side to that is
all sound echoes th e creator… and we’re ALL creators.

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TONIGHT-- Feb 22

John Beaulieu the mentor to several of the leaders,
he's one of the foremost philosophers and major
innovators in the area of sound healing therapies.


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