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sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

F*R*E*E* Making Sence of Men + Authentic Partnerships 6 SHOWS STARTS TOMORROW

Thanks so much for being part of this loving community, simply
by being part of this list you are increasing your vibration
and contributing that to the world. Know that I send everyone
Ho'oponopono prayers each night... like a permanent prayer
circle (I love you, thank you!). WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBERS! [If
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... and you won't want to miss a single
minute, so go now and register for this FR*EE VIDEOSHOP
of 6
amazing - 1 hour each - video recordings of Al ison's profound content
about MEN -- who they are why they are and how we can understand
them in a way that we as women are receiving what we need and desire
AND the men are happy and supported too.

It STARTS THIS SUNDAY August 15 at 5 PM Pacific/California time

Alison Armstrong the expert on men and transformational educator
and I got down into it and conversed in depth about men and
women, the masculine and feminine, about how we can relate
and how we can be in authentic partnership (even if that feels


I want you to know that each 1 hour session was so powe rful that
the studio audience kept asking if they could stay for the next,
and the next and the next... Our studio audience grew to where
we couldn't put in one more chair... you will definitely want
to watch to see why they didn’t want to leave.

This is a once in a lifetime chance to experience THE BEST OF
Alison Armstrong F*REE
.  Alison and I got together in advance
and planned out these shows so they built on top of one another
and delivered the juiciest morsels of Alison’s life changing
content.So start at the begining TOMORROW.


This no cost event is my gift to you, to assist you in
creating meaningful partnerships with those you lo ve (AND
those whom it might seem difficult to love

Alison has been studying men for two decades and has discovered
wonderful things about how men and women interact. In this
videoshop, Alison will be teaching us some of her most
favorite topics... NEW and OLD

This workshop isn't just about understanding men and women,
it's about creating meaningful relationships in ALL areas of our
lives. As you know I ADORE Alison and I am regularly amazed at the
original, thoughtful and life changing content that she delivers.
I talk about her all the time, if you have ever heard me talk about
the horses and how my life has been transformed by that experience
then PLEASE catch this material. Alison shares the most remarkable
information in a format that has NEVER been offered before

For more info and to register:

The “videoshop” program is put on through my very own MasterWorks
Healing Memberships
site (where I also deliver group Body
Dialoging sessions).

While Alison’s Videoshop program is fr-ee to you right now,
those who become members can own the audio downloads of
Alison’s series and can experience the archived recordings
of my shows and participate live in my future shows (maybe
even get a one-on-one session in this group coaching
environment). Once you register for free you will have an
opportunity to join at a 50% discount… this of course
is optional.


So please join us by registering now to this complimentary 6-episode
videoshop series and get ready to apply the material in your life
immediately. AND invite your friends and family... you just might save
a few relationships!


Recently I had a chat with my personal friend, the internationally respected,
best selling author Dr. Joe Rubino. He mentioned that he had made a dramatic
discovery that directly relates to anyone’s ability to attract their dream life.

Extensive research has shown that over 85% of us have some degree of Self-
Esteem deficit! When you look around you at those suffering with self esteem
issues you this statistic is less surprising than at first glanc e.

The worst part about it is that a deficiency in your self-esteem level is often so

subtle that you don’t readily notice it until you thoroughly examine yourself. This
is why I often suggest the notion of “noticing,” “paying attention,” “being present.”
Dr Rubino goes even deeper…

Over the past 19 years, Dr Rubino has personally coached thousands of people to
make their lives and businesses work more optimally. His research and coaching
experiences convinced him that diminished Self-Esteem is the #1 cause of not
living one’s dream life.

Not having strong self-esteem in every area of your life almost invariably leads to
things like:

* Fear of Failure
* Procrastination
* Feeling Unfulfilled
* Being Frustrated or Angry
* Feeling Unloved or Unlovable
* Feeling Nervous or Shy
* Being Indecisive
* And many more uncomf ortable feelings that keep you from realizing your full
potential and attracting abundance, meaningful relationships, happiness, and

Dr. Rubino has created a free 45 minute audio recording called “7 Steps to
Soaring Self Esteem” that will explain all about how you can reclaim your self-
esteem and live your best life. Joe and I are making it available to you along
with a complimentary membership in his Success Club ($129 Value, Yours!) just for checking out the work Dr Rubino does do to champion self-
esteem at

You’ll learn more about the book that thousands have called “life-changing” - “The
Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Underrated Ingredient
for Success and Happiness in Life.” This book shares the proven methodology
that he has used over and over again to assist people in improving their lives. So
many have found this book to be truly life-impacting, I believe that you will too!

Pick up your free gifts now at…

…and move into an even better, happier, fulfilled YOU.

Thanks so very much for joining me on these juicy spiritual
adventures! Woo hoo!

Love, light and laughter,

Jennifer McLean

McLean MasterWorks

4533 MacArthur Blvd
Newport Beach, CA

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