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viernes, 22 de enero de 2010

Carol Look on Abudnance REPLAY F*REE CALL & Living On Purpose Series (strongly recommend this one)

Hi Sri,
Thanks so much for being part of this loving community, simply
by being part of this list you are increasing your vibration
and contributing that to the world. Know that I send everyone
Ho'oponopono prayers each night... like a permanent prayer
circle (I love you, thank you!). WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBERS!
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We had the most amazing experience with Carol Look this week
she was so generous on the show... there are actually 3 sessions
that you can tap along to (EFT Tapping) that can clear you
righ NOW
of the obstacles to wealth. I have received numerous
emails describing the power of Carol's works and even a few
miracles from this call.

you can also DOWNLOAD this call and own it to play these releasing
sessions over and over!

Carol and I had been speaking about the financial challenges
that many of you are experiencing. I have received tons of
emails about how you are coping and the things your are trying.
Well Carol agreed to do a call just for you to help you get to
the next level with these things

This call will guide you to a better understanding of what may
be your internal struggle AND most importantly Carol will do
specific work with you to overcome the obstacles to your

Imagine a life that feels secure and free and spontaneous? That
truly is your birthright and this call will give you a solid
foundation to achieve that.

REPLAY link:
(This is the replay link AND you can DOWNLOAD this and own it as
a permanent part of your spiritual audio library!)

Get ready for a SHIFT!



Carol is graciously extending an amazing offer that will
empower you with the keys to success using the Law of
Attraction and EFT (meridian tapping).

Are you looking for Business Abundance Now?

In this amazing package, you’ll receive an extensive audio
program on 18 CDs; 9 of these CDs are live sessions
! You’ll
also receive a comprehensive study guide AND all of the CDs
available for IMMEDIATE  download (mp3s)! She actually created
this package JUST FOR THIS LIST. No one else knows about it,
it is exclusive just for YOU.

You’ll actually get to tap along with the session participants
and your results could be very surprising…

    * Clearing limiting beliefs or old blocks.
    * Releasing negative emotions like anxiety, fear, and guilt.
    * Forgiving your past “mistakes” or “missteps”.
    * Putting an end to procrastination.
    * Seeing your business with more clarity and focus.


Carol and I are doing a Workshop: Turning Passions Into Profits:

AND we will also briefly discuss the upcoming workshop that both
Carol and I along with Bob Doyle will be teaching those mature or
aspiring entrepreneurs:

When I had amazing EFT Master Carol Look on Healing With the
Master it was clear there was an energetic compatibility. We
talked and connected immediately and decided to create a
workshop with the lovely (and separated at birth twin--smile)
Bob Doyle what an amazing man! And here is the result...

Turning Passions Into Profits

Learn how to build, grow, expand, market and revolutionize your
business with cutting edge techniques -- Law of Attraction,
Vibrational Technologies, Energy Psychology and Exceptional
Marketing Skills.

This is exactly what I did... I took the tools that you will
learn to use at this workshop and turned my life around. I
left my job in corporate America and used the marketing and
business strategies I will be teaching you along with the
energy principles you will experience first hand, and applied
it to my new business as a healer and entrepreneur. I used the
things that you will learn in this workshop to create tremendous
success doing what I have passion for AND changing the world in
the process. You can do the same... seriously if I can do it
anyone can and you will experience it here.

This workshop delivers the succinct tools to allow you to learn
the practical step by step business strategies, AND clear the
internal obstacles to achieving business success.

This is shaping up to be one of the most cutting edge
energy/business workshops of 2010. You can clear AND learn the< br />business and online marketing ropes to truly drive you business
beyond anything you imagined.


We are only opening this to 85 participants, and we anticipate a
waiting list fairly quickly so claim your space early. And meet
me in person for a hug!

I really hope you will join us for this amazing workshop and
move into the next best version of you and your business:
How About a little Shirley MaClaine?

My dear friend and colleague Adoley Udonton is an accomplished
actress  (she was on a very popular British show), coach,
hypnotherapist and wonderful interviewer. She has put together
one the most interesting panel of speakers this season for her
series Living On Purpose STARTING on Jan 20 through Feb 11
. One
of her speakers is the one and only Shirley MacLaine! As most of
you know Shirley was instrumental in changing the course of my
spiritual life when I was in my early twenties and started me on
this path I am on now. I am thrilled to be on the same (virtual)
platform as her in this wonderful series as a speaker


I strongly recommend you check it out.

Living on Purpose is such a perfect title... it is time for
each of us to step out with consciousness and live "on purpose"
and "with purpose." I believe this series will deliver some
amazing answers for just that.

Norma lly, to sit in an audience and listen to this kind of line
up, you would have to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars,
but because we all believe 2010 is such a critical time – we
decided to share our personal stories, hidden secrets and time
tested strategies with you -  for free.

Register F*ree here:

Many blessings,

Jennifer McLean

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