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martes, 6 de abril de 2010

IN 1.5 HOURS Scott Blum on Healing With The Masters

Hi Sri,
Thanks so much for being part of this loving community, simply by
being part of this list you are increasing your vibration and
contributing that to the world. Know that I send everyone
Ho'oponopono prayers each night... like a permanent prayer circle
(I love you, thank you!). WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBERS! [If you have
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TONIGHT in less than 1.5 hours Scott Blum on Healing With The
Masters. This is going to be a lovely show, do join us!

Scott Blum is an author and co-founder of DailyOM, a popular,
spiritually based website that offers inspirational messages, < br />horoscopes and an on-line retail store. With over 900,000
subscribers it has become the premier on-line destination for
providing motivational content, products and courses around the
globe from some of today's best-selling authors and luminaries.

Scott and his wife Madisyn Taylor founded DailyOM after wanting
to merge their personal interests in spirituality with their
professional lives. DailyOM has since become one of the premiere
online destinations for non-denominational inspirational content,
products and courses from some of today's best-selling authors
and luminaries.

Scott's personal interest in metaphysics and spirituality has been
an ongoing pursuit since an early age. Decidedly non-traditional,
he has found himself in remarkably unique and profound metaphysical
situations that he has begun to share in his series of books. Scott
continues to write for this series of spiritual adventures which
begins with Summer's Path (which is launching TODAY) and Waiting
for Autumn.
You have a couple more hours to listen to the replays of Gary
and Jo AND both Gary.
AND Jo and they have agreed to extend
their special offers through until TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT time.
So if you haven't taken advantage of these offers then you
still have time!

Both of these calls are available on the replay page at


This is a VERY unique product, while it looks like a book that you
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This book is a very special transformational tool to assist you in
your life. Each word carries Divine energy to help you fulfill your
magnificent Heart's desires and have a more joyful and prosperous
life.  Everyone who would like this Divine assistance who is near
this book, will be supported and carried gently on their individual
path of Awakening and Divine Purpose.  It is based on 4 powerful
talks given by Jo Dunning and is offered to assist you in
accomplishing your Divine Life Plan. As soon as you start to read
(even holding theintention of reading) you will feel these energies
know you are inthe presence of great wisdom and abilities.  Just
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==& gt;

Gary's F*R*E*E Offer Extended Until TONIGHT:

Gary has agreed to offer us an amazing package of material.
Gary’s new book and amazing new accompanying rich
interactive spiritual partnership learning experience is not
quite available yet so he has come up with something
REALLY special (AND F*R*E*E) JUST for Healing With The
Masters audiences, Check it out here:
Healing With The Masters Dial In, Webcast and Date Info:

March 9 - May 27

DAYS: EACH Tuesday AND Thursday

THIS WEEK: Founder of The Daily Om and author Scott Blum on
TONIGHT, a nd on Thursday it is the wonderful Howard Martin from
HeartMath. Another banner week!

TIMES: 4PM Pacific/Los Angeles, 5PM Mountain, 6PM Central 7PM
Eastern/New York (for a time zone conversion click here:

(this is the site for the full schedule the dial in information
and the links to listen through a special webcast link (save on
long distance calls)

DIAL IN #: 347-534-1701

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If you are interested in purchasing this program (and receiving
downloadable bonus gifts from the speakers-- Option 2 & 3), I am
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Just go to http://www.healingwit If you
miss one of your favorite speakers, you will be sure to have it;
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now telling me they are so glad they purchased so they can
experience over and over the meditations, the exercises and the
nuances of the deeper knowledge they are being given.
Thanks for joining with me on these fun spiritual adventures!

Love, light and laughter,


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