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viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

Couple of REALLY COOL things AND Howard's AMazing Replay

Hi Sri,
Thanks so much for being part of this loving community, simply by
being part of this list you are increasing your vibration and
contributing that to the world. Know that I send everyone
Ho'oponopono prayers each night... like a permanent prayer circle
(I love you, thank you!). WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBERS! [If you have
problems with links in this email simply copy and paste them into
your browser.]

In this email, 1) wonderful and life changing coaching group
from my personal life and business coach. 2) Amazing teleseminar
series that I am speaking at. 3) Howard Martin's Lovely
call last night replay. 4) Final day for Jo Dunnings special
offers (and chance to get CD Special)...

In case you haven’t heard yet... I had to let you know that
Ned Kraft’s 2 Month Coaching Program is starting NEXT WEEK.

Wow! YOU won’t want to miss it. He is about getting stuff
done... Fine tuning what you want... and then breaking it down
in doable chunks… that you can’t wait to do... the excitement
comes in knowing you will reach your dream and goals.

Ned’s 2 month Coaching Program will give you this amazing
foundation of creating habits and short mini processes that
will actually help you achieve what it is YOU are about and
what YOU desire to do and be.

(And if you don’t know what that is?? He will help you figure
it out! He’s REALLY GOOD at that TOO.)

Ned's normal coaching rates are about 10 times what you will pay
in this proven well thought out program.

In fact Ned is my personal and business coach, he has help me to
exercise, lose 30 pounds, create about 5 more hours a week of
time JUST FOR ME and identify and execute the REAL work and life
priorities... and he can do the same for you too!

You get my point, right... This guy knows how to get things done
and is now willing to COACH YOU!

His amazing offer is here:

He is opening up a 2 Month Coaching Program at such an
affordable amount... how could you not look into it??

Not only that, he is letting me pass on a $100.00 OFF coupon to
you. DON’T FORGET to type in the coupon code – JENNIFER (all
Caps) to receive your $100.00 off. (Make sure you CLICK APPLY)

NOTE: MasterWorks Healing members get your EXTRA discount in the
post for Ned's show tomorrow on the membership site.

I have MORE EXCITING NEWS -- Ned shared with me his 8 min – Get
Started - Week Zero Homework Audio – (The audio has two parts)
that he sent out to everyone who has already signed up, talk
about exciting! And he is allowing me to share it with you.
Why?? Because I asked him… He is always about adding value and
truly helping where ever he can… So I am passing this amazing 8
min – Get Started NOW – audio to jog your memory to remember
what is most important to YOU and to pay attention so you can
START getting it done!

Here is the Week Zero Homework link (ONLY 8 mins - Two parts)

You can see why I am excited about passing on this amazing
coaching program to you. Can you imagine waking up and loving
your day and what you are doing, and what you are about?

Here is Ned’s 2 Month Coaching Program:

Remember to grab your $100.00 off coupon. JUST DON’T
FORGET to type in the coupon code – JENNIFER (all Caps) to
receive your $100.00 off. (Make sure you CLICK APPLY)

Hope you are able to join his amazing group of individuals
wanting to identify, create and realize their dreams, goals
and desires!!

AND Congratulations on taking time for YOU!

(Please note I do make a commission on this recommendation but
I never offer an endorsement like this unless it works and I use it)

WONDERFUL New Teleseminar Series...

If you have become a teleseminar junkie like I have (smile) then
look for me on a new teleseminar series, 'In the Company of
, presented by Nightly Healing.  Victoria Lichtman
of invited me to participate on her panel of
speakers and honestly, I receive a lot of these types of invites.  
But this one stood out, and my friends Marci Shimoff and Mariel
Hemingway, among many others, will be joining us.

This series will...
-- inspire and guide you towards self-discovery, uncovering any
story of suffering and revealing who you really are.
-- encourage you to live in consciousness and authenticity,
speaking and acting with courage, passion and your
full potential.
-- help you recognize your choices in life and make the ones that
serve you best.

Invitations are going out all over the world to come together and
take part in this transformational global awakening of consciousness.
There is great power in an event of this size with an intent of this
magnitude.  I invite you to be part of this gathering.  It begins
Monday, April 12th at 3pm EST.  I will be speaking on May 3rd at
3pm EST.  If 3pm doesn't work for you, free audio streaming is
provided to all registrants for 48 hours after the call.

Sign up to join us here:
What a lovely had truly heartfelt call with Howard Martin

We discussed The Resilience Factor—Building Your Energy Reserves
During Changing Times, specifically how to adapt more quickly when
change is occurring and learning how to increase and maintain your
resilience. AND two wonderful HeartMath techniques to get you into
that moment of FLOW NOW. You will love this one!

48 hour REPLAY:

Howard's / HearthMath Special Offer:
Howard’s company HearthMath is offering Healing With the Masters
a 40% discount off the EMWave (WOW). This little device has saved
me on many an occasion, I use it daily. This is a great offer, if
interested just click on the link below. You will see the regular
price of $199 crossed out and your discounted price will be in your
checkout. ENJOY!

Here are the links to BOTH of Jo's Special offers...

Jo offered this to her wonderful list so we thought you might like
it too...

First is this seasons special offer:

This is a VERY unique product, while it looks like a book that you
might find in a book store, it is in fact way more than that...

This book is a very special transformational tool to assist you in
your life. Each word carries Divine energy to help you fulfill your
magnificent Heart's desires and have a more joyful and prosperous

Everyone who would like this Divine assistance who is near this book,
will be supported and carried gently on their individual path of
Awakening and Divine Purpose.  It is based on 4 powerful talks given
by Jo Dunning and is offered to assist you in accomplishing your
Divine Life Plan. As soon as you start to read (even holding the
intention of reading) you will feel these energies know you are in
the presence of great wisdom and abilities.  Just click on the link
to order yours!

NEXT is LAST SEASON'S Special offer:
This 12 Audio Set is from The Best of Jo's Monthly
Transformation Workshops and each one is chock full of the same
energy you felt on the call working with new topics each time.
It is a lovely package and will transform you

Healing With The Masters Dial In, Webcast and Date Info:

DATES: March 9 - May 27

DAYS: EACH Tuesday AND Thursday

Next WEEK: The wonderful informative and passionate about
nutrition David Wolfe on Tuesday and Carol Look the amazing
EFT Master and healer on Thursday (not NEW TIME FOR THIS
SHOW ONLY Noon California time)

TIMES: 4PM Pacific/Los Angeles, 5PM Mountain, 6PM Central 7PM
Eastern/New York (for a time zone conversion click here:

(this is the site for the full schedule the dial in information
and the links to listen through a special webcast link (save on
long distance calls)


PIN #: 0331 # (remember to hit the pound)

This is the link to use to listen to the replay of each call
FOR 48 HOURS after each show.

(IF YOU PURCHASED -- please go to the links sent in a separate
email to download and/or listen at your leisure)

REMEMBER, EVERYTHING you need to dial in, see the schedule and
line up of speakers, link to the weekly webcasts (where you can
listen on your computer AND where you ask questions), is found
at this link:
(easy huh?) So BOOKMARK this page.

If you are interested in purchasing this program (and receiving
downloadable bonus gifts from the speakers-- Option 2 & 3), I am
offering all 24 one-hour programs packaged at an amazingly low
price... I am keeping the cost low so everyone can afford it.
Just go to If you
miss one of your favorite speakers, you will be sure to have it;
if you hear something you want to experience again, you will own
it; if there is a healing technique that can be done again, you
can do it over and over applying it to new situations. Many are
now telling me they are so glad they purchased so they can
experience over and over the meditations, the exercises and the
nuances of the deeper knowledge they are being given.
Thanks for joining with me on these fun spiritual adventures!

Love, light and laughter,


Jennifer McLean

McLean MasterWorks

4533 MacArthur Blvd
Newport Beach, CA

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