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lunes, 7 de junio de 2010

LAST CHANCE, Ends Tonight at Midnight ~ Healing with the Masters! AND THE HEALING CODES OFFER!!!

Hi Sri,
Thanks so much for being part of this loving community,
simply by being part of this list you are increasing
your vibration and contributing that to the world.
Know that I send everyone Ho'oponopono prayers each
night... like a permanent prayer circle (I love you,
thank you!). WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBERS! [If you have
problems with links in this email simply copy and
paste them into your browser.]

TODAY is the last day to purchase season 5 of Healing
With The Masters!

If you loved this season as much as I did
you might
consider owning it. Volume 5 will be available for sale
until TODAY June 7 then it will be off the market.
Once we end the season it is over... this is in part so
we can get a final count on CDs and get them made and
shipped in a timely fashion, order yours here:

I have re-posted my show from May 13 if you want to
take a listen again :)
If you are interested in purchasing this whole series
(and receiving downloadable bonus gifts from the
speakers-- Option 2 & 3), I am offering all 24 one-hour
programs packaged at an amazingly low price... I am
keeping the cost low so everyone can afford it. But you
have only until TONIGGHT AT MIDNIGHT June 7 to order
Just go to:

If you missed one of your favorite speakers, you will
be sure to have it; if you heard something you want to
experience again, you will own it; if there was a healing
technique that can be done again, you can do it over and
over applying it to new situations.

Many are now telling me they are so glad they purchased
so they can experience over and over the meditations, the
exercises and the nuances of the deeper knowledge they
were given.


(IF YOU PURCHASED -- please go to the links sent in a
separate email to download and/or listen at your leisure)< /b>

The Art of Life Mastery JOIN US LIVE...

Imagine experience 10 of the most amazing coaches and
healers... You are invited to an amazing annual real
 world event taking place in Costa Mesa California
AND also streamed LIVE so you can watch in your
living room: The Art of Life Mastery - Embracing What
. This event is also an offshoot of the wonderful
and powerful MasterWorks Healing Membership Site and
will have the many amazing contributing speakers from
that site. It IS an experiential workshop, you will
do in the moment techniques and processes that will
clear you during this 3-day event in July (not just
talking heads). If you feel into it, you might sense
the power of this workshop and the strong intention of
the 11 speakers to assist you in becoming the next best
version of YOU
. WOW huh? AND you get to hang out with
an AMAZING group of like minded individuals, from this
loving community. I hope you will join us:

IT IS STARTING TO FILL UP... so join us now.

MasterWorks Healing Members... go to the membership site
link below to grab your HUGE Price Break coupon for the
event, JUST FOR MEMBERS. (Membership does indeed have
its privileges!: )
FOR NON MEMBERS: If you want to join AND receive a 50%
off membership go to
PLUS you will get the extra coupon for the July event.
Thanks so much for your commitment to change, for showing
up so completely and hanging out with me in this wonderful
group of like minded individuals, I sincerely think that with
your help, intention and energy we made some strides in our
evolutionary patterns on the planet. I hope you will stay with
me on this list... I have some WONDERFUL surprises planned for
you this summer, as always they will be fr--ee!

Love, light and laughter,


Jennifer McLean

McLean MasterWorks

4533 MacArthur Blvd
Newport Beach, CA

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