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jueves, 17 de junio de 2010

You Ready for a Change? 2 Shows TODAY ~ PLUS Last chance for Karim's Offer

Hi Sri,
Thanks so much for being part of this loving community,
simply by being part of this list you are increasing
your vibration and contributing that to the world.
Know that I send everyone Ho'oponopono prayers each
night... like a permanent prayer circle (I love you,
thank you!). WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBERS! [If you have
problems with links in this email simply copy and
paste them into your browser.]

I am speaking on TWO great new teleseminar series
TONIGHT. Register now to take advantage of the awesome
speakers, each series is offering! If you miss Healing
with The Masters these two seri es will fill the gap I
promise. AND you can get a double header of me back to
back on tonight at 4PM and 5 PM Pacific/California time

Adoley Odunton's Global Wellness Summit (4PM)

Spirit 2000's Secrets of Dynamic Living (5PM)


Healing With the Masters speaker Karim Hajee is at it
again with a wonderful offer of his GREAT program. I
just had to tell you about it again.

The Art of Life Mastery event in July just keeps growing.
I sincerely hope you will join us July 9 - 11 in CA (or
streamed to your home)
and hang out with your like minded
friends in this lovely community we are creating. We will
be doing one-on-one sessions within a group dynamic to
clear all of us. Imagine you may work one-on-one with Dee
or Mary, Caroline, Mark or me and help all clear as well.

1) Adoley Odunton's Global Wellness Summit (4PM)

I am honored to be one of the faculty of "The Wellness & nbsp;
Revolution: New Paths to Healing", a phenomenal FR'EE  
global telesummit event.  I'm hoping you will join  

This web event is a gathering of 21 of the world's
leading doctors,  healers and authors in the
Complimentary Medicine movement  that combines traditional
 western medicine with ancient wisdom healing practices
for incredibly powerful and new possibilities.   

Will you join us for these live interviews?  In
the live question and answer period, you can ask your
important questions about the new healing possibilities.  
Register now,  before all the available spaces are gone
by clicking here to pick up your fre'e passes:    

This breakthrough series starts on Wednesday, June 16th
at 4 PM  Pacific, 5 Mountain, 6 Central and 7 Eastern
time, so register right now so we can send you a reminder.

...oh, and you get some great fr'ee gifts too, just for
being part of the event.  So, what's not to love about that?

I will be on live during the opening week, so be sure to
sign up soon. My topic will be The Art of Life Mastery
Embracing ALL Life and Accepting What is through Body
Dialoging  so don't miss this  chance to  ask me your
questions live over the web. Sign up now:   

You will be amazed.  All of these visionary leaders have
agreed to share the most important secrets
they know about
healing in the new  paradigm and it's all for fr*ee.  We
are sharing everything with you  because we believe it is
urgent - and you probably feel it to o.   

This explains all the buzz that's going on.

Right now, in 2010, we can use our new understanding of how  
quantum energy, as theorized by Albert Einstein over 50
years ago, actually operates in and through us. I guarantee
this will be an  eye-opening and life-healing journey that
you don't want to miss.  

Click here to get your fr'ee pass now >>>


2) Spirit 2000's Secrets of Dynamic Living (5PM)

On Thursday, June 17th, I will be the featured speaker on a
new online seminar series called "Secrets of Dynamic Living".  
This seminar series features ma ny of the top names in the
fields of Health, Success, and Personal Development, and
I am honored to have been invited to participate.
Other featured speakers in "Secrets of Dynamic Living"
include Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Doyle, Chris Attwood,
Marci Shimoff, Loral Langemeier, and many more!
"Secrets of Dynamic Living" is FREE, but you must register
to receive free access.  Click on the link below to register:
I encourage you to register and join me for my seminar
appearance on Tuesday, June 17th, at 8:00 pm Eastern Time.
Again, the link to register is:

Karim's Wonderful Program Special Offer, EXPIRES TONIGHT:

For years, I've been helping people create powerful and
lasting changes in their lives.

My goal has always been to help you discover and work with
the right tools that will lead to a better, more rewarding
and happier life.

Recently I was fortunate to have Karim Hajee as a guest on
my Healing With the Masters series. Karim shared some his
powerful insights and exercises to help you achieve your
goals and improve the quality of your life, quickly and

Response to Karim’s call and his special offer was
overwhelming, people simply resonated with Karim and his
energy... even today we still get emails about Karim’s

When I told Karim about the response he agreed that we had
to make his offer available again to all of my members.

Karim’s Creating Power system is absolutely fantastic and
it’s something I think you should take a closer look at.

Karim has taken the most powerful and effective personal
success secrets and distilled them down into an easy-to-use-
system that really works… he makes the process simple and

Here are just some of the things you’ll discover with
Creating Power…

-- Identify Your Own Path to Success
-- Eliminate the Fears that Drain Your Power.
-- Effortlessly Embrace Your Strengths, Anytime You Need To
-- Simple Steps To Immediately Replace Your Limiting Beliefs
With Empowering Beliefs
-- Enhance Your Intimate Relationships
-- Overcome mistakes and setbacks and forge new roads to

Karim's Creating Power personal growth and self-improvement
books and systems is one of the best.

He takes you by the hand and leads you through some very
important principles that really will change your life.

We all have our own personal power.  But take a look
around you and you'll see plenty of people leading rather
mediocre lives while a few others (with the same level of
intelligence and opportunities) seem to flourish.

Haven't you known people who just seem to have The Midas
Touch?  People who set goals and always seem to achieve them?

The only difference between them and their not so successful
friends is that they've tapped into their personal power and
make it work for them.

That's exactly what you'll master with Karim Hajee's Creating
Power System.

Now, I'm not going to try and explain Karim's system in this
email.  But I am going to ask you to visit this link: and take a
look at it yourself. – Plus when you enter the code jenm1
you’ll get 20% off – but this is only good for the next 3 days.

So, drop whatever you're doing right now and go to:   right now –
don’t forget to enter the code jenm1 to get your 20% discount.

In no time at all, you could be enjoying a much happier, more
successful life.

FYI,  The last time I mentioned Karim’s course he sold out –
so head on over to
and get your copy today – don’t forget to enter the code –
jenm1 to get your 20% discount.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
July Event - JOIN US!!

Imagine experiencing 10 of the most amazing coaches and
healers... You are invited to a life changing real
world event taking place in Costa Mesa California
AND also streamed LIVE so you can watch in your
living room: The Art of Life Mastery - Embracing What
. This event is also an offshoot of the wonderful
and powerful MasterWorks Healing Membership Site and
will have the many amazing contributing speakers from
that site. It IS an experiential workshop, you will
do in the moment techniques and processes that will
clear you during this 3-day event in July (not just
talking heads). If you feel into it, you might sense
the power of this workshop and the strong intention of
the 11 speakers to assist you in becoming the next best
version of YOU. WOW huh? AND you get to hang out with
an AMAZING group of like minded individuals, from this
loving community. I hope you will join us:

IT IS STARTING TO FILL UP... so join us now.

MasterWorks Healing Members... go to the membership site
link below to grab your HUGE Price Break coupon for the
event, JUST FOR MEMBERS. (Membership does indeed have
its privileges!: )
FOR NON MEMBERS: If you want to join AND receive a 50%
off membership go to
PLUS you will get the extra cou pon for the July event
Thanks so very much for joining me on these juicy spiritual
adventures! Woo hoo!

Love, light and laughter,


Jennifer McLean

McLean MasterWorks

4533 MacArthur Blvd
Newport Beach, CA

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