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miércoles, 7 de julio de 2010

Will I See You This Weekend?

Hi Sri,
Thanks so much for being part of this loving community,
simply by being part of this list you are increasing
your vibration and contributing that to the world.
Know that I send everyone Ho'oponopono prayers each
night... like a permanent prayer circle (I love you,
thank you!). WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBERS! [If you have
problems with links in this email simply copy and
paste them into your browser.]


Will I see you this weekend? Yep it's here, we are gathering
THIS WEEKEND in Costa Mesa and would so love for you to
join us. If you are local you still have time to sign
, if you are not and travel is too hard then you might
want to experience this remarkable workshop through
our streaming video option. (July 9 - 11 in Costa Mesa
OR streamed to your compute

It is lined up to be an off-the-charts event. AND just by
singing up you will be included in a prayer list that will
continue after the event. I will be holding your abundance,
health and positive relationships in light and high frequency
energies ongoing so you continue to experience the
energies of change in your life, long after this special
event is over

We are feverishly working on the last details to make this
as special as possible for you. In fact I just uploaded the
final two gift audios that are being burned as we speak as
one of the EIGHT gift items you will receive at the event.
(These gifts are almost the same cost as the event!)

This is YOUR time and your event check out even more
details right here:

If you want some insights into the healing juice of this
life changing event AND experience a few things to use
right now to  shift
! Just click the link below to replay
this special preview call of The Art of Life Mastery and
listen at your leisure as well as downloading and owning
this call to play on you iPod or in your car.

In fact I think we blew the energetic socks off on this call,
simply by listening you will feel the energy shifts within.
It was a VERY special energetic moment that I hope you will
take the time to listen to (even if you can't come)!


You can now BRING A FRIEND FOR HALF PRICE to The Art of Life
Mastery 3-day event in Southern California, July 9 - 11: where
you will experience profound content, tons of experiential
healings guiding you to your health, wealth and abundance...

Guy Finley's Special Offer!!
Special Keynote Speaker at The Art Of Life Mastery Event Guy
Finley has generously offered a special package of products
designed to truly shift you into your next best YOU.

This is a limited time offer as a special for the event and even
those who are not attending can take advantage of this remarkable

Being Fearless And Free 16 Mp3 package is a wonderful program
that shows you...

    * How to dismantle the fearful superstructure of the lower mind.
    * Why fear is the "mind killer."
    * How and why the universe is set up for you to succeed.
    * How to step boldly and confidently into any challenge.
    * How success and Love are intimately connected.
    * How to use every event to strengthen your gratitude for being alive.

AND you can purchase this special program for a HUGE discount using
the coupon code HEALING. This code gives you a $30 discount on an
already low price.

Check out this offer here:
The Art of Life Mastery Event...

-- This is both in person (we would LOVE to see you in
person at the event ) OR STREAMED. Yep once again we are
making it impossible for you NOT to attend by offering a
streaming option. This event can be streamed right to your
computer where you can watch it live in the moment from the
comfort of your home, or archived on video-on-demand for
later viewing.

-- The speakers are so committed to helping you shift,
it is astounding, truly I have not seen an event that has
such consistent high vibrating energy.

-- This incredible community needs to hang out together,
and you will find that as we hang out together we all
shift higher AND create miracles for ourselves and others.

-- I have kept the price REALLY low (as low as I can);
this event is for YOU and is created with that top of mind
at all times. I am so thrilled at what you are about to

-- There will be SO MANY opportunities to raise your
vibration and find congruency with your life you will
be amazed... in fact if you are not COMPLETELY SATISFIED
with this event I am promising right now a 100% money
back guarantee... if you aren't seeing the changes in
your life by the time the event is over I will give you
your money back!

-- This event is archived on video on demand, you can
listen and watch ANYTIME during or after the event.

-- We are setting up a roommate matching service to
manage hotel expenses (just send us an email to ask for a
roommate and we will find you one!).

-- There is a FR*EE shuttle from the airport (no Taxi cab

-- This is like a season of Healing With The Masters but
live in person over 3 days. If you have shifted over the 3
months of the HWTM shows imagine how much will shift over
3 days of committed high vibrating energy focused on YOU.

--  I promise, you will go deep to explore and excavate
your soul challenges

-- There will one-on-one demonstrations from volunteer
participants (possibly YOU) to move all of us during
experiential processing sessions throughout the event.

-- Included will be many interactive healing sessions
including, Energy Work, Body Dialoging, EFT, H.E.A.R.T.,
I~M Healing, Sound Vibration, medical intuitive sessions
and Psychic sessions among others.

-- I will be offering sound vibration healing including
Soul Songs, Toning and a special singing crystal bowl
concert, and of course the renowned scientifically validated
Mark Romero’s sound vibration healing for vibrational sound

-- You will experience group and individual exercises.

-- You will open yourself to your own voice and clear the
obstacles to hear divine inspiration.

-- Several of the speakers are also offering one-on-on private
session work at rock bottom prices (for example Caroline
Sutherland will be doing her miraculous medical intuitive
readings for just $20, normally $500)

-- AND for the VERY FIRST TIME, keynote speaker Jo Dunning
will be doing a book signing! She NEVER does this kind of
thing; this is your chance to interact with a Master!


Imagine spending three days with some of the most amazing
energy healing leaders on the planet…

Picture receiving one-on-one session work in a group
environment from the 10 speakers, with all of us shifting
into the next best version of ourselves…

Is now the time for you? Are you ready to shift? Then this
is the workshop for you! AND WE WILL SEE YOU IN 5 DAYS


REMEMBER to listen and more importantly to experience
the energy of the preview call
Thanks so very much for joining me on these juicy spiritual
adventures! Woo hoo!

Love, light and laughter,


P.S. MasterWorks Healing Members... go to the membership
site link below to grab your HUGE $200 Price Break coupon
for the event, JUST FOR MEMBERS. (Membership does indeed
have its privileges!: )
FOR NON MEMBERS: If you want to join AND receive a 50%
off membership go to:
PLUS you will get the extra $200 OFF coupon for the July even

P.S.S., The speed at which you can move ahead with these
amazing speakers and likeminded participants of soul
adventurers improves in a group environment... As a group
we can all move together much faster than each of us finding
the way on our own.

So click the link, register and get ready to shift.


Jennifer McLean


McLean MasterWorks

4533 MacArthur Blvd
Newport Beach, CA

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