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domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

LAST CHANCE REPLAYS for Alison Armstrog & Neale Donald Walsch (REPOSTED) on Healing with the Masters! & Conscious Business Marketing

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[If you are in business in any way scroll down to
the bottom for an amazing series: Conscious Business
Marketing (and I am speaking at it!)]


Last Call for Alison and Neale - POWERFUL CALLS...
We are winding up last weeks special offers and calls,
so be sure to go on over and listen to the replays for
Alison Armstrong and Neale Donald Walsch and if in
inclined invest in their special offers (I did).

Woo Hoo... we learned how to REALLY establish true
and lasting partnerships
on last night's show with
the amazing Alison Armstrong. We have gotten a rash
of thank you emails from both men and women thanking
us for real solutions and techniques delivered in just
an hour!

Do catch this show you will be SOOOO glad you did...


As most of you know, I have been attending Alison's
workshops now for over a year and my life has truly and
fundamentally changed, including the way I look at all my
relationships (in particular my relationships with

Alison has a knack for dissecting and then teaching the
differences between masculine and feminine that allows an
opening for communication, expression and acceptance.

Her content is beyond anything or program I have
experienced to date, this show replay illustrates in
spades why that is.

We talked about Celebrating Partnership in honor of
the launch of her brand new product out for the first
time THIS WEEK (and part of the special offer we have
created for you). I took this workshop twice AND Iam buying the product as well, it is THAT powerful.

Alison and I negotiated diligently to offer this amazing set
of her wonderful and life changing programs. This set has
completely changed my life in so many ways and I know
it will for you too. AND this is also the official launch of
the never before released Celebrating Partnership audio
set... hot off the press. AND at almost 50% off select
. This is one of those offers that won't come
around again so check it out and invest in yourself.

It was such a powerful call I just had to re-post this one...

I was literally brought to tears by Neale in this
wonderful call Tues night on Healing With The Masters.
We shared an incredible series of moments between the
community of listeners, me and Neale. WOW, you MUST
listen to the replay of this call it was magical and

REPLAY REPOSTED (Scroll down on the page):

Neale is a regular on Healing With The Masters his genuine
approach and deep insights into the spiritual nature of
each of us is a must listen to each time he comes on the
show, Tuesday's show was no exceptio n!

NEALE'S SPECIAL OFFER: Neale's special offer from last
season was so popular that we are offering it once again.
If you missed it last time now is your chance to
purchase this amazing series of audios designed to take
you to the deepest parts of you and truly manage the
change in your life in love, peace, and ease. 53% OFF!

Here is a wonderful blog post about the show from one
of our lovely community, Cindy:

I had many requests to give you in writing my version
of  The Lords Prayer that I mentioned on the call (no
disrespect intended for the original). ENJOY:

  My Father/Mother who art in heaven hallowed be thy name

  Thy kingdom on earth come, thy will (not my will) be
  done, in me as it is in you

  Give me this day of love, abundance and health

  And forgive me my judgments as I forgive those who judge

  Lead me to a life of compassion and acceptance and deliver
  me into grace and service

  For thine in me is the power an d glory for ever and ever

Healing With The Masters Dial In, Webcast and Date Info:

NEXT WEEK : The amazing talented multidimensional psychic
medium Colette Baron Reid on Tuesday AND YOURS TRULY, me
Jennifer McLean for some Soul Songs and Body Dialoging
on Thursday.

March 9 - May 27

DAYS: EACH Tuesday AND Thursday

TIMES: 4PM Pacific/Los Angeles, 5PM Mountain, 6PM Central
7PM Eastern/New York (for a time zone conversion click

(this is the site for the full schedule the dial in
information and the links to listen through a special
webcast  link (save on long distance calls)

DIAL IN #: 347-534-1701

PIN #: 0331 # (remember to hit the pound)

This is the link to use to listen to the replay of each
call FOR 48 HOURS after each show.

BLOG RECAPS: If you are looking for some GREAT recaps of each
show check out my blog at

(IF YOU PURCHASED -- please go to the links sent in a
separate email to download and/or listen at your leisure)

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you can listen on your computer AND where you ask questions),
is fou nd at this link: (easy huh?)
So BOOKMARK this page.

Regarding Special Offers:
with the majority of speakers I
negotiate a special offer on your behalf. If you like what
they are saying I know, at least for me, I would want more
from them. So I create these special offers so you can get
more if you want it, AND at a much reduced rate. I recommend
just feeling into each one and only choose the ones that
resonate. This is all there and created for YOU, so use what
feels like it is the best next step.

If you are interested in purchasing this whole series
receiving downloadable bonus gifts from the speakers-- Option
2 & 3), I am offering all 24 one-hour programs packaged at an
amazingly low price.
.. I am keepi ng the cost low so everyone
can afford it. Just go to: If you miss
one of your favorite speakers, you will be sure to have it;
if you hear something you want to experience again, you will
own it; if there is a healing technique that can be done
again, you can do it over and over applying it to new
situations. Many are now telling me they are so glad they
purchased so they  can experience over and over the meditations,
the exercises and the nuances of the deeper knowledge they are
being given.
Conscious Business Marketing:

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Adela does, even if I weren't.

Thanks for joining with me on these fun spiritual

Love, light and laughter,


P.S., A PRAYER FOR GAIA. In this weeks prayer circle on my
membership site (MasterWorks Healing Membership site to join at 50% off),
we did a special prayer for Gaia and the oil spill. Please
take 7 minutes or so to listen (F*R*E*E)
and join the energy
field being created by this prayer. It will increase your
energy as well. I have opened this post and prayer beyond
members only, to spread the energy:
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