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jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

In Less Than 2 HOURS Pepper Lewis / Gaia on Prediction Week

Hi Sri,
Thanks so much for being part of this loving community, simply
by being part of this list you are increasing your vibration
and contributing that to the world. Know that I send everyone
Ho'oponopono prayers each night... like a permanent prayer
circle (I love you, thank you!). WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBERS! [If
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[OK universe we hear you!] For the last two calls of the series
we are directing you to a new webcast page
that is impenetrable
so that all can participate without obstruction of tech
glitches! With that, please note the new webcast link found
below for tonight nights s how. And look for tomorrow's email
for a separate link for Friday's show.

DAY 4 of PREDICTION WEEK in less than 2 HOURS, tonight with
PEPPER LEWIS channeling GAIA (F*R*E*E)

For Details:

Last night was the imitable and fabulous Dee Wallace. It was one
of the most powerful calls we have done to date. We shifted so
much and at such a fundamental level (even ancestral content) it
was quite wonderful. PLUS we had so much fun! I even got to share
some soul songs and tones to help clear. Wow, catch this one!

Dee Wallace Replay (For Non Members Replay Expi res Friday):

To listen Dee's call where she helped each of us discover our own
prophecy for the year,  go to this post: This replay post will be open to non
members until Friday at 6 Pacific time.

Carol Look Replay (For Non Members Replay Expires Thursday):
To listen Carol's call where she channeled improtant information
about 2010 just go to this post:
This replay post will be open to non members until Thursday
TONIGHT at 6 Pacific time.

I cajoled Carol into offering a very special package to you. She
launched this package at the end of last year and she has added a
whole boatload of additional products for the same price of her
launch produc t just for you. (THANKS CAROL!) Check out this
terrific offer here (Expires on Sunday):
How to Participate in Predictions Week:

You Don't Need a Password...
To listen to the live calls go to the webcast link and to listen
to the replay recordings of this series, simply go to each of the
The replay will be there within about 2 hours of
the calls completion, but are only available for 48 hours after each
call. We have had lots of questions about signing into the site/
passwords and user names. YOU DON'T NEED THAT...

Consider this a preview week on MasterWorks Healing Membership
Site all the links we provide for Prediction Week are open to you
just click on them and you will see. If you try to explore other
areas of the site you will see that they are closed to members
only but Prediction Week is open to you
. The posts will continue
to be open without the need for user names and passwords for 48
hours after each call, then it will close and only be available
to members. Only members who have purchased will be able to use
their user names and passwords to continue to listen AND to
download these calls. I hope that makes sense... bottom line is

The link to access each of the posts for the details AND REPLAYS is here:

We are offering a week of predictions from some of the most
amazing psychics and channelers. Each night at 4 PM Pacific/
California/Los Angeles time you will have the chance to work
one-on -one with one of these channels/psychics and find out what
might be in store for you in 2010. AND they will each deliver a
general overview of what they see coming for this year.

So if you want a F*R*E*E reading join us! Call in early, there are
a limited number of seats, THEN press *2 to raise your hand and put
yourself in line to work with these folks for a personal reading.

TODAY in approximately 2 hours it is Pepper Lewis:

Pepper Lewis is a natural intuitive, a gifted channel and a
recognized writer, speaker and teacher of metaphysics.
The unique
and distinctive channeled messages brought forth by Pepper have
become favorites of readers all over the world. Most popular are
the featured articles authored by the sentience of our planet,
other Earth, affectionately known as Gaia. These messages
frequently appear in a variety of p ublications including, Sedona
Journal of Emergence. They are also a favorite with many websites
and news groups. Pepper is frequently featured on radio and
Internet broadcasts including, The Great Shift, with Rev. Fred

ThePeacefulPlanetLogoMother Earth is the sentience or soul of our
planet. A sentience is that which is conscious or aware of itself
and its purpose. A sentience is more like an emotional response
and less like an intellectual process. Gaia sentience (or Mother
Earth) animates the planet, gives it purpose and makes life on
Earth possible. Our past is deeply rooted in the earth and our
\future depends upon our ability to recreate a relationship with
our sentient planet. We hope that you will accept Mother Earth’s
invitation to open your heart and change the world by honoring all
moments with respect, partnership and peace.

Pepper is the founder of The Peaceful Planet, an organization
dedicated to relating to our environment and the world around
us in a way that embraces and projects balance, integrity, peace
and harmony. The Peaceful Planet offers inspirational products and
services designed to empower, assist and educate.

DATE: Thurdsday, January 7
TIME: 4 PM Pacific/Los Angeles/California

You will be able to listen live for f-r-e-e the night of the
call and listen to a recording of the calls after for 48 hours
(then after 48 hours ONLY MEMBERS can listen AND download
these audios)
. No Passwords needed just click on the links
they work!

Dates: Monday - Friday Jan 4 - 8
Times: 4 PM pacific/California/Los Angeles
Where: MasterWorks Healing Membership Site
Cost: F*R*E*E for live calls and 48 hours after each call
Dial In Numbers:
(International users just pick any number from this link
 OR listen to the webcast)

PIN #: 343764#
Speaker Info & Webcast Link: (just
click on each post for the speaker/day and the dial in number link
and the webcast link will also be in each post).
Pepper's Webcast Link:

If you are interested in joining as a member of MasterWorks
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, click here for the special 50% OFF
offer, and $400 in products... AND enjoy regular live calls
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Many blessings, light and laughter,

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