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jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

In just 2 hours Creating Power Karim Hajee on Healing With the Masters

Hi Sri,
Thanks so much for being part of this loving community, simply
by being part of this list you are increasing your vibration
and contributing that to the world. Know that I send everyone
Ho'oponopono prayers each night... like a permanent prayer
circle (I love you, thank you!). WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBERS! [If
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TONIGHT in approximately 2 hours Karim Hajee author of the
Creating Power movement is on Healing With The Masters.

Karim will speak about some of the mo st pressing issues and
challenges facing us today... and he'll be giving away some
special tips on how to create the changes you want, quickly and
easily during these interesting times

Karim Hajee has been teaching people how to improve their lives
and achieve their goals for over 20-years. His best selling
Creating Power System and Power Of Believing book have already
helped people worldwide live the life they want. A former award
winning journalist, he has become the expert for the Law Of
Attraction at For more than 20-years he's been
helping people worldwide how to understand and apply the
thought process known as mind power – he has done this with the
Creating Power system, as well as, the Power Of Believing,
Creating Wealth, Power Affirmations and other material.

Through this work he has discovered that the power of the mind
can be easily accessed through a simple and effective system
which he teaches in his Creating Power system.

Mind power is about more than just positive thinking and
affirmations. Once you realize that it is the power of your
thoughts and beliefs that create your reality
, you will begin
to pay close attention to the thoughts you’re thinking and
begin to better understand how your beliefs shape your life.

So join us in just about 2 hours
Dr. Sue's Amazing Call Replay available till Midnight...
You still have a couple of hours to listen to the very special
call with Dr. Sue Morter
! Seriously, try and catch this one it
will add a new clarity to your life that can literally change < br />it in an instant.

To listen for a few more hours
(till about midnight California
time tonight when Karim's call will replace it) go to this link:

Dr. Sue talked about her unique metaphor of the science of
energy and how we come to this planet and who we choose to hang
out with
. She also talked about her wonderful story of finding
4 leaf clovers and the important insight about how we approach
what we want. What a remarkable gift this call was... one of my
subscribers mentioned the the last 4 - 5 calls seem to be
building on one another in a sequence of raised vibrations, I
think she is right and it feels like this is an important one
in the sequence.

Dr Sue's Special Offer:
As you know I work with our speakers to deliver a special
package just for you... With Dr. Sue's, you can now start and
end you day with intentionality
, you can take a journey to
higher vibrations while learning new aspects on the science of
, and then take fear and make it work for you
instead of stopping you.


I put these offers together for you so you can have more
experience of these amazing speakers at a markedly reduced
price. Dr. Sue has put this package of CDs and DVDs together
for you at a 53% discount
from what you would pay on her web
site. In fact one of the CD sets is so new it isn't available
on her web site yet and YOU are getting it at this remarkable
discount! So if Dr. Sue and her amazing healing energies are
resonating wi th you then own this one for yourself (I was the
first who purchased... boy am I going to have fun with all this
wonderful content and energy, join me in that)!



If you want more of Dr. Sue you can catch her in person, on a
cruise no less. AND the cruise folks have generously offered a
special $100 OFF if you mention you found them through Healing
With the Masters... cool huh? Just click this link to find out
more and hang out with Dr Sue, and other great speakers, for a
week-- Ocean of Gratitude Cruise:

DATES: Sept 29 - Dec 22

DAYS: EACH Tuesday AND Thursday

TIMES: 4PM pacific/Los Angeles, 5PM Mountain, 6PM Central 7PM
Eastern/New York (for a time zone conversion click here:

DIAL IN INFO and WEBCAST LINKS: this is the site for the full
schedule the dial in information and the links to listen
through a special webcast link (save on long distance calls)

DIAL IN #: 212-461-5800

PIN #: 2922#

This is the link to use to listen to the replay of each call
FOR 48 HOURS after each show.

(IF YOU PURCHASED -- please go to the links sent in a separate
email to download and/or listen at your leisure)

REMEMBER, EVERYTHING you need to dial in, see the schedule and
line up of speakers, link to the weekly webcasts (where you can
listen on your computer AND where you ask questions), is found
at this link:
(easy huh?) So BOOKMARK this page.

If you are interested in purchasing this program (and receiving
downloadable bonus gifts from the speakers-- Option 2 & 3), I am
offering all 24 one ho ur programs packaged at an amazing
price... I am keeping the cost low so everyone can afford it.
Just go to If you
miss one of your favorite speakers, you will be sure to have it;
if you hear something you want to experience again, you will own
it; if there is a healing technique that can be done again, you
can do it over and over applying it to new situations. Many are
now telling me they are so glad they purchased so they can
experience over and over the meditations, the exercises and the
nuances of the deeper knowledge they are being given.

Thanks for joining us in discovering the art of life mastery!

Many blessings,

Jennifer McLean

Jennifer McLean

4533 MacArthur Blvd #245
Newport Beach, CA

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Obras de josephalmighty



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The Lion Goddess Of War & Vengeance
And Her Firstborn Sons - The Pharaohs - Lion Kings
Ruled Over Ancient Egypt Throughout It's Long History...
Jesus Was The Last Of The Egyptian Pharaohs
Moses As The Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten
Sekhmet, Mighty One, Sun Goddess, Destructor

"Blessed are you that read my word and believe that it will be accomplished. I will not treat you unfairly, but will cause that in which you believe to be perfected in you. This is the blessing that you will receive. My word will reach the secrets that each of you has concealed within yourselves. You all have deadly wounds, but I am the good physician who will treat these deadly wounds. You simply have to come before me. This is the reason why I have said that in the future there will be no distress and no tears. All things within me are perfect, but all things within man are corrupt; they are all empty, and will deceive mankind. In my presence you will gain all things, and you will surely be able to see and also enjoy all the blessings that are beyond your imagination. If one does not come before me, he is rebellious and is surely resisting me and I will not let him off lightly, but will punish this kind of person severely. Remember this! The more man comes before me, the more things he will obtain, but it is only grace, and afterwards, he will gain even greater blessings."

"Today, I urgently need you to believe as this is the price you have to pay. Do not have false ideas about my intention, for I will accomplish all things. Moreover, I will cause you to see with your own eyes, and experience personally. I do not speak a single fictitious word, and I do not tell any lies at all, for everything I say is utterly true. Furthermore, it is not lacking in wisdom, and you should not half believe and half doubt. It is I that have accomplished all things in your midst (in the endtimes), both my judgment and the putting in order of those that have done evil. I have love for you and will perfect you, but will do precisely the opposite to them. I have hatred for them and will destroy them. There will be no room for them whatsoever and absolutely no trace of them will remain behind (in the new age)." says Almighty God, Christ of the endtimes, the WORD became flesh the second time...
*** The Revelation Of The Mysteries
"I have called myself the powerful Almighty God by which I will end all the ages. Formerly, I was called Yahweh, and people called me Messiah. I was once called the Savior, Jesus, by those who loved and esteemed me. Now, I am not the Yahweh or Jesus whom you knew before, but God himself, who has returned in the end times to terminate the ages, God himself, who arises from the ends of the earth, with an abundant nature, full of power, honor, and glory. People have never come into contact with me, nor have they ever known me, nor have they known my (entire) nature. From the creation of the world till today, no one has ever seen me. I am the God who has appeared to humanity in the end times, but who is also hidden from the human race. I am living among people in fullness of life, as the burning sun, like a flame, full of power, and with all authority. No one and no thing will escape being judged by my words. No one and no thing will escape being purified by the burning fire. Ultimately, all nations will be blessed by my words, and because of my words they will be smashed to pieces so that all humanity in the end times will see that I am the returned Savior; I am the God Almighty who conquers the entire human race; and all may see that I once was the sin offering for all people. However, in the end times I have become the fire, that will burn all things like the burning sun; and I am also the sun of righteousness that exposes all things. This is my work in the end times." says Almighty God, Christ of the endtimes, the WORD became flesh again...

*** The Savior Has Already Come Again With The White Clouds
Almighty God Is Ra...
In English It's Ray, as in Sun Ray
The Sun God Of Ancient Egypt
And Sekhmet The Lion Goddess...
Atum Ra - The Sun God & Solar Horus
Egyptian Ideas Of A Future Life - A Belief In Almighty God
Sekhmet Became Hathor The Cow Goddess
After She Destroyed The Enemies Of Ra The Bull,
Like She Will Do Again According To Egyptian Mythology
For, behold, the day cometh (and is already here), that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch. But unto you that fear my name shall "The Sun of Righteousness" arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall (of Atum Ra the bull & Hathor the "Cow Goddess" who eventually became Isis). And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts.

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet (as one of the serpentine sons of wisdom) before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the (ancient) fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their (ancient) fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.”... Malachi 4:1-3

Zechariah's Prophecy...

About The Flying Scroll Appearing In The Endtimes...

I looked again—and there before me was a flying scroll (the WORD of Almighty God coming from the east as Ra the Sun God) !

He asked me, "What do you see?" I answered, "I see a flying scroll, thirty feet long and fifteen feet wide."

And he said to me, "This is the curse that is going out over the whole land; for according to what it says on one side, every thief will be banished (from the earth), and according to what it says on the other, everyone who swears falsely will be banished.

The LORD Almighty declares, 'I will send it out, and it will enter the house of the thief and the house of him who swears falsely by my name. It will remain in his house and destroy it, both its timbers and its stones.' "... Zechariah 5:1-3 (NIV)

The LORD will march forth (in the end times) like a mighty MAN; he will come out like a warrior, full of fury. He will shout his thundering battle cry (and proclaim the WORD is Almighty) and he will crush all his enemies (with it). He will say, "I have long been silent; yes, I have restrained myself. But now I will give full vent to my fury; I will gasp and pant like a WOMAN giving birth (to the serpentine sons and daughters of Wisdom)... Isaiah 42:13-14
Testimonies Of The Work Of Almighty God In China - Part II
The "Sun" Disk Of Righteousness
There Is Healing In The Wings Of...
Atum-Ra & Sekhmet
- And The Sons Of God -

The Flying Caduceus

Serpent Rod, Staff or Pole...

And The Two Opposing Serpents

"The Caduceus was originally a healing tool employed in the temples of Atlantis and Egypt. It had been brought into this realm by the Illumined Master, Thoth (a serpentine son of wisdom). The wings on the Caduceus are symbolic of the liberation of consciousness from the warp and weave of dual systems, once it moves up the staff between the serpents and further, beyond their reach. The Caduceus additionally represents the DNA helix, which contains the crystalline frequency of all morphogenetic fields."

"Morphogenetic fields connect all living being through a constant exchange of knowledge in the Language of Light. There is also a deeper symbology to the Caduceus, and that is the Christed Consciousness of the mind, once it is fully illumined through the heart which is the true Seat of the Soul."

- The Symbol Of Atum Ra & Sekhmet -

And The Naga - Serpentine Sons Of Wisdom

Master Builders & Healers Of Civilization

The Day Of The Lord Of Hosts Is The Return Of The Naga Serpentine Lords Of Wisdom

This is the word of the LORD concerning Israel (all who receive the returned Christ in the endtimes). The LORD, who stretches out the heavens, who lays the foundation of the earth, and who forms the spirit of man within him, declares: 2 "I am going to make (New) Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem.

3 On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make (New) Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves. 4 On that day I will strike every horse with panic and its rider with madness," declares the LORD. "I will keep a watchful eye over the house of Judah, but I will blind all the horses of the nations.

5 Then the leaders of Judah will say in their hearts, 'The people of (New) Jerusalem are strong, because the LORD Almighty is their God.'

6 "On that day I will make the leaders of Judah like a firepot in a woodpile, like a flaming torch among sheaves. They will consume right and left all the surrounding peoples, but (New) Jerusalem will remain intact in her place.

7 "The LORD will save the dwellings of Judah first, so that the honor of the house of David and of (New) Jerusalem's inhabitants may not be greater than that of Judah. 8 On that day the LORD will shield those who live in (New) Jerusalem, so that the feeblest among them will be like David, and the house of David will be like God, like the Angel of the LORD going before them. 9 On that day I will set out to destroy all the nations that attack (New) Jerusalem... Zechariah 12 (NIV)

6 "This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel (in the endtimes, a serpentine son of wisdom & master builder of a new civilization): 'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty. 7 "What are you, O mighty mountain (of the nations)? Before Zerubbabel you will become level ground (for him to build my new temple). Then he will bring out the capstone (which is the corner stone of wisdom) to shouts of 'God bless it! God bless it!' " 8 Then the word of the LORD came to me: 9 "The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this temple (of a new mankind); his hands will also complete it. Then you will know that the LORD Almighty has sent me to you.

10 "Who despises the day of small things? Men will rejoice when they see the plumb line (which is the measuring line of the WORD of Almighty God) in the hand of Zerubbabel. "These seven (eyes with Zerubbabel) are the eyes of the LORD, which range (and see) throughout the earth."... Zechariah 4:6-10 (NIV)

The Temple Is Being Restored And The Battle Of Armageddon Is Raging

The All-Seeing Eye Of Ray The Solar Horus In The Bible

"The All-Seeing Eye Of Ra"

The Solar Horus & Sekhmet

Is Almighty God - "The God With Seven Eyes"

And Perfect Vision

Who Can See Around The World

"Almighty God, the God with seven eyes! You are the penetrating light from which nothing is hidden, and which fully manifests all, and fully exposes all. Before him, everything is absolutely as clear as crystal. Not only is he like this, but all his sons (and daughters) are too. There is no person, thing or circumstance that is hidden from the view of either him or his sons!" says Almighty God, Christ of the endtimes, the WORD became flesh the second time...

*** The Holy Spirit Testifies...
To What The WORD Became Flesh (Again) Is Saying To Every Church

Sekhmet Is Known In America As...
Ix Chel - "White Jaguar Lady"
Ix Chel is the 16th-century name of the aged jaguar goddess of midwifery and medicine in the ancient Maya culture. She corresponds, more or less, to Toci Yoalticitl ‘Our Grandmother the Nocturnal Physician’, an Aztec earth goddess inhabiting the sweatbath, and also appears to be related to another Aztec/Mayan goddess invoked at birth, viz. Cihuacoatl. In Taube's revised Schellhas-Zimmermann classification of codical deities...

- Ix Chel -

Mayan Goddess of the Moon

and "Lady Rainbow"

Sekhmet Is White Jaguar Lady Rainbow & White Buffalo Calf Woman

Christ Has Returned To The Earth In The Flesh Of A Woman In China
Almighty God speaks in this book from the standpoint of Christ:

*** The Difference Between The Duties

Of God’s Word That Became Flesh And Mankind

You need to know and grasp the general thrust of the vision of God’s work. If you do, you will enter in, in a positive way, and accurately understand the truth regarding this vision. Also, the manner of your entering in will be stable. After that, no matter how much my work may change, your heart will basically be firm, your vision will be perfectly clear, and both your entering in and your seeking will have a goal. In this way, you will have a deeper and more refined experience and knowledge, and you will have grasped the general thrust. This will enable you to avoid losing out in your life or getting lost along the way. If, in respect of my work, you do not recognize what is happening along each stage of the way, you will suffer loss at each of these stages. Within three to five days, you will not be able to turn around, and within ten to fifteen days, you will be unable to enter into the right path. If this were to happen, wouldn’t you be delaying matters for yourself? There is a lot that you all need to grasp about entering in and practicing in a positive way. There are several points you need to understand about the vision of God’s work: The significance of the conquering work, and the subsequent path of perfection, what one should achieve through tribulation and testing, the meaning of judgment and punishment, the principles behind the work of the Holy Spirit, and also the principles behind being perfected and conquered. All these things pertain to the truth regarding this vision. The remaining aspects are the three stages of my work, the Age of the Law, the Age of Grace and the Age of the Kingdom. Another aspect is my testimony about the future, which also pertains to the truth regarding my vision and is a most basic and crucial matter. There are a great many things that you need to enter into and practice at this time, as the truth has further levels and contains further details. If you do not know about these truths, it proves that you have not yet entered in. Most of the time, people only have a very superficial knowledge of the truth and there are various basic truths that they do not put into practice, as well as trifling matters that they are not able to deal with. The reason why people cannot put the truth into practice is that they have a rebellious nature. Another reason is that they only have a very superficial and one-sided knowledge about the work I am doing today. This is why it is not easy for them to be perfected. You are excessively rebellious and your old selves are so strong, that you cannot stand on the side of the truth. You cannot even put the most obvious truths into practice. Such people cannot be saved for they are like those that have not been conquered. If you enter in, without entering in, in every detail, and you have no objectives, your progress will be slow; if you enter in without any reality, it will be futile; if your knowledge of the truth has no substance, you will not be transformed. Your life will achieve progress and your nature will be transformed if you enter into the reality, and if you enter into and experience every detail. If you experience every detail when you enter in, and have a great deal of real knowledge, and you really do enter in, your nature will be transformed very rapidly. Even if you do not have a particularly clear understanding of how to practice, you should, at the very least, have a clear understanding of the vision of my work. If you do not clearly understand it, you will not enter in at all. You need to first know the truth and only then will you be able to enter in. It is through having experiences that the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is received. Only through experiences can a deeper understanding of the truth and a deeper entering in be achieved. You need to know about the work of God. In the beginning, after the creation of mankind God used Israel as the foundation of his work. So, the entire nation of Israel was the base for Yahweh’s work on earth. The work that Yahweh did was to establish his law so that he could directly guide and care for mankind. Then man could live a normal life on earth and worship Yahweh in a normal way.

The God of the Age of the Law was a God that man could neither touch nor see. Because he only guided those that had been corrupted by Satan in the beginning, and because he instructed and cared for these people, the content of what he said only consisted of laws and statutes, decrees and regulations, as well as common sense. His work was not to provide the truth about man’s life. The Israelites that God led had not been very deeply corrupted by Satan, and the work of the law that he did was only the first stage in the work of salvation. In this first stage of the work of salvation, he hardly got involved in the transformation of man’s life nature. Therefore, when his earliest work of salvation started, it was not necessary at all for him to come in the flesh and do his work in Israel. Consequently, he needed a medium through which he could come into contact with man. He needed an instrument with which he could contact man. So, various people rose up among creation to do Yahweh’s work and speak in his stead. They worked as prophets and as sons of man among his people. A “son of man” then, was a person that represented Yahweh and did his work among men. Such a person was called a “son of man” by Yahweh. This meant someone that represented Yahweh in giving his laws and who also acted as a priest in the midst of the people of Israel; a priest that Yahweh’s Spirit worked on and took care of and kept; a leader that directly served Yahweh in the midst of his people. But, a prophet on the other hand, was someone that always spoke, in Yahweh’s place, to all nations and peoples, and that also made predictions about his work. Regardless of whether these people were sons of man or whether they were prophets, they were all raised up by Yahweh’s Spirit himself. They had Yahweh’s work in them and they directly represented Yahweh among the people. They were only able to do their work because Yahweh had raised them up, and not at all because the Holy Spirit directly became flesh and did the work. So, similarly they both represented God’s work and speech. These prophets and sons of man in the Age of the Law were not God’s Word that became flesh at all. This was exactly the opposite of what happened in the Age of Grace and in the final stage of God’s work, when, because the work was one of saving and judging man, the work at both these times was done by God’s Word that became flesh himself. So, God simply does not need to raise up prophets and sons of man to do his work in his stead. It is precisely because of the substance and manner of their work that there is virtually no difference at all between them in man’s point of view. So, people have always been confused about the work of the Word that became flesh on the one hand, and the work of prophets and the sons of man on the other. Although God’s Word that became flesh appeared to be basically the same as the prophets and sons of man on the outside, so much so that God’s Word that became flesh was even more normal and real than the prophets, man could not distinguish between them. Man only looks at the outside and simply does not know that, although their work and their words are similar, there is still a substantive difference between the two. Because man’s powers of discernment are extremely deficient, and he cannot discern between the simplest of matters, there is no way that he would be able to discern between such complicated matters as these. The purpose of the words and the work of these prophets, and those that were appointed by the Holy Spirit, was so that they could do their human duties and fulfill their functions as my creatures; these were things that they had to do. But, the words and work of God’s Word that became flesh were to fulfill his divine duties. Although his outer shell was that of a creature, he did not do his work to fulfill his functions, but to fulfill his divine duties. Human duties are directed at my creatures, but divine duties, on the other hand, are directed at God’s Word that became flesh. Both these parties have an essential difference and cannot be used interchangeably. Man can only fulfill human duties, whereas God’s work is his management, which is fulfilling his divine duties. Therefore, although many of the apostles were appointed by the Holy Spirit, and many prophets were filled by the Holy Spirit, each one’s work and words were only the fulfilling of the duties of one of my creatures. Also, although their prophecies were greater than the truth of life spoken by God’s Word that became flesh, and even their human nature greatly transcended that of God’s Word that became flesh, they were still fulfilling human duties and not divine duties. Man’s human duties are to do with man’s functions and are able to be achieved by him. But, the divine duties that are fulfilled by God’s Word that became flesh are matters related to his management, and are things that man cannot achieve. Regardless of whether God’s Word that became flesh spoke, worked or did miracles, in short, everything that he did was an important part of his work of management, and no person could replace him in doing so. But the work that man does are human duties that are fulfilled by one of God’s creatures, and are only part of a certain stage of God’s management work. If God did not have his management work, it could be said that if God’s Word that became flesh lost his divine duties, then God’s creatures would lose their human duties as well. God’s work of fulfilling his divine duties concerns the management of man, but man’s fulfilling of his human duties concerns the carrying out of his responsibilities in order to satisfy the requirements of the creator, and has nothing to do with the fulfilling of any divine duties at all. With respect to God’s original essence, namely Spirit, God’s work is one of management, but with respect to God’s Word that became flesh in the shell of a creature on the other hand, his work is one of fulfilling his divine duties. No matter what he is doing, he is fulfilling his divine duties. However, it is only within the scope of God’s management and under his leadership that man can fulfill his own capabilities.

When man fulfills his duties he does them according to what his natural abilities can achieve, and in this way he fulfills them. As for his wrong practices in his service of God, they are part of his ongoing experience, and his experiencing the process of judgment. They gradually decrease and do not hinder or influence his duties. Anyone that stops or pulls back in his service to God because he is afraid of doing something wrong is a coward. If, in his service to God, he is unable to do the things he ought to, and is unable to do the things his natural abilities can achieve, but does them in a perfunctory and casual way, he will lose the functions that he, as one of my creatures, was given. Such a person is a so-called “mediocre” person; he is useless rubbish. How then could he be considered to be a creature with high aspirations? Isn’t he something rotten; something beautiful on the outside yet dry and useless on the inside? If someone says that he is God himself, but does not display God’s essential nature, or do any of God’s works, and cannot represent God, then there is no doubt that this person is not God because he does not have God’s essence and has none of God’s natural abilities in him. And, if man becomes unable to achieve what his natural abilities can do, he cannot be called “man” and is not worthy to stand in the position of one of my creatures. He is unworthy of coming into God’s presence to serve him, and does not deserve to receive God’s grace, his care, his keeping and his perfecting. Many people, after they have lost their faith in God, do not have his grace anymore. They not only do not hate their evil deeds, but what they tell everyone about God’s truth is inaccurate. In their rebelliousness, they actually go so far as to deny God’s existence. How could such people, who are so rebellious, be qualified to enjoy the grace of God? Not fulfilling one’s human duties is the same as being rebellious, and such a person is greatly indebted to God. But, if he turns around and abuses God saying that God’s ways are wrong, how will he ever be qualified to be perfected? Wouldn’t this be a forewarning that he will be eliminated and punished? If one does not fulfill his human duties before God, it is a very serious sin that even his death cannot atone for. But if he has the cheek to come and debate and argue with God, what would he have that was worth perfecting? What man has to do if he cannot fulfill his own human duties, is to feel his guilty conscience and feel how deficient he is. He needs to hate his weakness and inability as well as his rebelliousness and corruption. He even needs to be ready to die the cruelest death for God. Only this would be how someone that truly loves God would behave. Only then would such a person be qualified to enjoy God’s blessings and promises. Only then would he be qualified to be perfected by God. What is it like with the majority of you? How do you treat the God that is living among you? How do you fulfill your duties before him? Do you fulfill your moral obligations, and are you ready to die the cruelest death for God? How dedicated are you? Have you received so little from me? Do you have any discernment? How faithful are you to me? How do you serve me? And, what have I given you and what have I done for you? Have you measured these things? Have you ever used that deficient conscience of yours to measure and compare these matters? Are your words and deeds worthy of anyone? Are you telling me that this tiny bit that you offer up to me is worthy of everything I have given you? I have absolutely no choice but to be wholehearted toward you, but you have ulterior motives and are halfhearted toward me; such are your human duties and your functions of which you have so few. Isn’t this the truth? Are you telling me that you have not fulfilled the duties of one of my creatures at all? If so, how can you be called my creatures? Don’t you understand what you are living out and expressing in your lives? If you cannot fulfill your own human duties, and still think that you can ask for and receive God’s pardon and abundant grace, I say that all that grace was not prepared for such insignificant, worthless and mean people as you are, rather it is prepared for those that have no requirements of me and are willing to dedicate themselves to me. People as mediocre as you do not deserve to enjoy my heavenly grace. You only deserve a life of suffering as well as endless punishment along with your companions! If you are unable to be absolutely loyal to me your destiny will be one of suffering. If you cannot be conscientious toward my word and my work, your end will be one of punishment. You will have no share at all in any grace or any blessings, and you will have no beautiful life in my kingdom. This is the end that you deserve, for you will reap what you sow! There are disciples of mine that are unaware and arrogant, and who do not give me their wholehearted dedication. They do not fulfill their human duties, but hold out their hands demanding grace as if it were their natural right to receive it. They then betray and forsake me when they do not get what they have demanded. Can such people be regarded as being reasonable? Your inner qualities are deficient, and you are completely unreasonable. You are not at all able to do your duties in respect of my management work, and so, your personal value is about to suffer a disastrous decline. When I have treated you kindly, you have not repaid me but have rebelled against me and this is enough to condemn you and show how cowardly and powerless, and mean and sordid you are. So, what entitles you to come with outstretched hands, making demands of me? You are not of the least assistance to my work, and you are not faithful to me. You are not even able to uphold your testimony for me. These are the things that are wrong with you. They are your deficiencies. On the contrary, you attack me, blame me and complain that I am unrighteous. Is this how you show your faithfulness to me? Is this how you show your love for me? Apart from this, what work are you able to do? What dedication have you ever shown in all the things you have done? How much have you ever expended for me? Although I have not blamed you but have shown great leniency toward you, you impudently argue with me, and you complain about me in secret. Don’t you have any humanity at all? When you are doing your duties, although your deeds are mixed with many things that are in your mind as well as your ideas, you still have to do them. Moreover, you have to be sincere and faithful while doing them. If your work is adulterated, it is because of your poor inner qualities. But if you give up doing your duties you are being rebellious. There is no connection at all between your human duties and whether or not you are blessed or suffer disaster. Your human duties are things that you have to do; they are compulsory. You should not talk about rewards or conditions; there is no argument about them. This is what human duties are. Being blessed refers to the good fortune that you will enjoy after your being perfected by the judgment. Suffering disaster occurs to you because there is no transformation of your nature after you have been punished and judged; namely, it refers to the punishment that you deserve to suffer because you are not perfected. Regardless of whether you are blessed or you suffer disaster, you have to fulfill your human duties if you are one of my creatures. You have to do what you have to do, and you have to do what you are able to do. This is the very minimum that a person, a person who is seeking God, should fulfill. You should not do your human duties in order to be blessed, nor should you be afraid of suffering disaster and refuse to fulfill them. I will say this to you, fulfilling your human duties is what you have to do. If you do not fulfill them, you are being rebellious. You are all being transformed in the course of fulfilling your duties, and it is only in the course of fulfilling them that you show your faithfulness. So, the more you fulfill your duties, not only will you receive more truth, but you will also express greater reality in your life. However, those that treat their duties perfunctorily without seeking the truth will be eliminated in the end, because such people will not be offering their duties in the process of practicing the truth, and also, they will not be practicing the truth in the course of doing their duties. Such people are without transformation, and they will suffer disaster. What they express in their lives will not only be adulterated, but will also be completely evil.

Jesus said a great many things in the Age of Grace. He also did many works. So, what difference was there between him and Isaiah? What difference was there between him and Daniel? After all, wasn’t he a prophet? Why was it said that he was the Christ? What difference was there between them? They were all the same in that they were men, and in that they spoke the word. Moreover, in man’s view, what they said was basically and nearly the same. They all spoke the word and did works. The Old Testament prophets gave prophecies, and similarly, Jesus also gave prophecies. How could this be, then? The difference was in the nature of the work. In order to distinguish between these matters you cannot look at what the nature of the flesh was like. You should also not look at whether what was said was profound or superficial. No matter what, you should first look at the works that were done, and what results these works achieved in man. The prophecies that Isaiah gave in his day did not provide for man’s life. The oracles given by men such as Daniel were only prophecies and were not the truths of life. In those times, if it were not for Yahweh’s direct inspiration, no one would have been able to do that work. No one could have achieved it. Jesus also said many things, but the things he said were the truths of life, and in them, man could find the way to practice. This is to say, firstly, he was able to provide for man’s life, because Jesus was the life; secondly, he was able to turn around undesirable situations in man; thirdly, he was able to take over Yahweh’s work and continue the age; fourthly, he was able to sense what man needed, and he knew man’s deficiencies; fifthly, he was able to start the new age and conclude the old age. So, he was God, and he was Christ. He was not only unlike Isaiah, but he was also unlike all the other prophets. As for the work of the prophets, let us take Isaiah as a comparison. Firstly, he was not able to provide for man’s life; secondly, he was not able to start an age, but he worked under Yahweh’s guidance and did not work to start a new age; thirdly, he could not say what he said on his own, but God’s Spirit inspired him, and when others heard him, they did not understand. These items prove that what he spoke were only prophecies. They only replaced one aspect of Yahweh’s work, but he could not completely represent Yahweh. He was Yahweh’s servant and instrument. He only worked in the Age of the Law and he only worked within the scope of the work that Yahweh was doing. In no way did he go beyond the work of the Age of the Law. However, Jesus’ work was not the same. He went beyond the scope of Yahweh’s work. He appeared with the identity of God’s Word that became flesh to do his work. He did the work of crucifixion to redeem all mankind. In other words, he did a new work outside of what Yahweh had done, a work that started an age. Another thing is that he said things that which no one else could say. His work was done within God’s management and it concerned all mankind. He did not do it for a few people only, nor did he guide a limited number of people only. Man could not see or sense how God could be the Word that became flesh, and become a man, or how the Spirit inspired him, or how the Spirit descended upon him to do his work. By means of these facts, he could not prove that he was God’s Word that became flesh. This could only be discerned by the words and the works of the God that man can come into contact with. This was the only practical way. Because one cannot see the things of the Spirit, and only God himself knows clearly about it, the flesh that the Word became also does not know. It is only from his works that you could tell whether he was genuine. This is what you could see from his works: Firstly, he was able to start the age; secondly, he was able to provide for man’s life, and point out the way that man had to go. These things established with certainty that he was God. At the very least, they prove that his works fully represented God’s Spirit; from his works you can see that God’s Spirit was on him. Because the work of God’s Word that became flesh was mainly to start the new age, guide the new work, and open up new territory, this enables us to establish with certainty that he was God himself. These things enable us to distinguish between him and the great prophets such as Isaiah and Daniel. Men such as Isaiah and Daniel had a high level of knowledge and education. Under Yahweh’s guidance, they were people who were out of the ordinary. God’s Word that became flesh also had insight, and he was not lacking in common sense, although his human nature was quite normal and he was a very ordinary person. With one’s naked eye, one could not see that he had a special human nature, or that his human nature differed from that of people in general. He did not appear to be other-worldly or special at all. He did not appear to have a great amount of knowledge, education or theory. The life he spoke about and the path he led >>followed<< were not obtained through theory, or through knowledge. They were not obtained through his correctly conducting himself in society or through his family upbringing. Rather, it was all done directly through the Spirit and was a work done by the Word that became flesh. Because man has grandiose, yet very indistinct, ideas about God, and his thoughts about God are out of touch with reality, then in his opinion, if he does no signs and wonders, but is a weak God with a normal human nature, this clearly proves that he is not God. But, isn’t this an error on man’s part? If the flesh that God’s Word became was not that of a normal person, how could he be regarded as the flesh that the Word became? Since he is flesh, he is an ordinary, normal person. If he were a transcendent person, he would not be God’s Word that became “flesh.” To prove that he is flesh, the flesh that God’s Word became must have a normal body. Only this is the meaning of completely being the Word that became flesh. However, the prophets and sons of man were different. They were gifted people that were appointed by the Holy Spirit. In man’s opinion, their human nature was not only especially great, but it manifested itself in ways that went beyond normal human nature. For this reason, people treated them as God. You need to understand these things very clearly now, because man has been confused for generations about these matters. The Word that became flesh is the most profound mystery; the most difficult thing for man to accept is that of God’s Word that became flesh. I will put it this way: It is of benefit for you to fulfill your function. It is also advantageous for you to understand the mystery of the Word that became flesh. This is because these things involve such matters as God’s management and vision. If you understand that, it would be of even more benefit for your knowledge of God’s vision, namely, the work of his management. If so, you would also understand a lot about the duties each one of you should fulfill. Although the things I have said do not directly point the way, they will greatly assist your entering in. Because there is too little of my vision in your lives at present, it is an enormous hindrance to your entering in. If you are never able to make sense of these issues, there will be no impetus behind your entering in. And if you seek to fulfill your duties in this way, how will you ever be able to fully fulfill them?

May 27, 2004